“What a lovely summer we have been having. Here at the Pond, the loons are calling, the bull frogs are carrying on a spirited conversation and the flowers are bright and beautiful. My snow bird neighbors have returned and it is a pleasure to see them as it gets a bit more lively here. A cool lemonade while sitting on my dock has been a pleasurable occasion amidst these summer days.

Reverend doctor Sandra Reed
Rev. Dr. Sandra Reed

I have also been enjoying my days here at the church. I am learning as I go and enjoying my new congregation. This summer I have been introduced to church suppers (Elm Street style), my first trombone concert (wonderful), a turn at Vacation Bible School, and the eased-up schedule of these days. Although there have been some challenges, all is well.

Now I am thinking about September and getting back to business as usual. I am looking forward to seeing many of you back at church. When you don’t come to church we miss you. A small congregation provides us with the opportunity to get to know each other well. That also means that we are concerned for each other. Please come back to the fold if you have taken a vacation from church!

My hopes and dreams for this church family are starting to take shape. Nothing radical, just a faithful, effective life together as God’s people here in Bucksport.

Come and see!”31 Elm Street, Bucksport Maine
Sandra M. Reed, Sept. 2015

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